Berkley Trilene Monofilament Big Game Review

Looking for a great monofilament fishing line? You might be wondering is the berkley trilene big game the right mono for you? Well in the latest of my fishing line reviews I’ll be covering all you need to know and more.

Ready? Perfect.

Why Berkley Trilene Big Game Fishing Line?

From recreational fishermen to bass anglers, Berkley’s fishing line has always been an all-weather favorite in both saltwater or freshwater and short or big-time fish touring. And the reason for this is certainly not one. For example, this time tested fishing essential comes with an abrasion resistant and shock-proof monofilament line (up to 17000 yards), a real game changer for catching float or bottom fishes. What’s more, this robust gear offers an outstanding grip and controlled stretch that promise an extra long hold against rough or sharp objects. Finally, this piece comes reasonably priced to suit every budget type.

However, this is not all as it packs quite a more punches.

So, let’s look inside and discuss everything like performance, control, grip as well as quality, and ease of use together what makes this piece the most versatile and a must-have for every Winter or Spring outdoor adventurer.

Outstanding Abrasion and Shock Resistance:

Abrasion resistance is probably the best feature of this fishing line and it’s the superior coating and advance mixes of this equipment, which enhance the anti-abrasion mechanism even further. Also, its controlled stretch-adds offer the ultimate stamina to tackle big game fish like hard-hitting stripers, king salmon, big steelhead, bluefin tuna, yellowtail or albacore.

In fact, you can easily delve in finesse applications like bass fishing or striper fishing and finish the bout without a single breakage or damage of the line. The stretch is custom designed to absorb shock and work toughest against the strongest species or harsh objects.

A starter’s Price:

If you are a bit tight on your budget, look no further than the 8 pounds Big Game. This high-quality line is a bang for your buck for the type of performance and quality it offers.

Casting and retrieving:

No matter, it’s for your inshore finesse fishing or deep sea fishing, Big Game can cast consistently. Its comparatively larger diameter promises a long-shelf life besides lessening the amount of line you need to unreel.

Also, the stiffness of the line makes it an ideal go-to piece for pitching and flipping of all sizes. The super strong structure can tug rip baits and muscle them against various obstacles like weeds, rocks, willow trees or others.

Incredible strength:

The next big feature to mention in the berkley trilene big game review is the line strength. If you are fishing from the bank, the hardy piece from the Big Game has got you covered. In fact, it will make you feel right at home even during the hardest of Baitcasting. For example, maneuvering a big lure comes for no easy deal, especially when it is constantly bulldogging around the cover.

If you are a beginner, you can count on this extra tough line. The line offers enough stretch to control even the tightest drags. It will keep the treble hook stubbornly planted in the prey’s mouth until you are confident to brush it off with ease.

The gear comes with an amazing knot strength. It offers durable holding, better accuracy, and no tear even during the largemouth and high-speed baitcasting. It can pull through heavy covers flawlessly to bring trophy fish home.

Strongest Monofilament:

Finally, you can’t skip this feature if you are spooling in the weirdest and extremest scenarios. This fishing range is constantly gaining attention in the world of fishing tournaments for its precision to the monofilament. In other words, the low stretch and superior quality monoline make it extremely reliable for topwater or under-the-dock fishing.

Also, the monoline is much cheaper than fused, braided or other types of lines. It gives you an easy penetration of hooks to take full charge in the big game fishing. It is carefully designed to manipulate the energy and sensitivity on the hookset while fighting deep finesse crankbait or buzz baits,

The best part is, the Big Game mono line comes in many attractive shades and sizes to choose from. Its lengthy stretch and buoyancy bring better consistency, improved performance, sheer durability, and incredible fighting strength for big fishing in thick or heavy cover.

Now that you are aware of the features, let’s take a quick look at its strength and weaknesses.


> Big Game has a very good knot strength
> The line is sleep resistant
> User-friendly, super tough and low-visibility Monoline
> The low stretch offers a sensitive grip, muscle, and shock strength
> A high-quality line for affordable pay
> The memory has the right balance, neither too stiff, nor too smooth
> Ties knot very easily and barely slips
> Its abrasion immunity formula controls friction while running through the guides
> Has gracefully passed the key tensile strength test.


> Big Game is not a hi-stretch line and therefore
> It is not compatible with smooth casting
> It’s not the right suite for spinning gear
> At times, it might make you feel clumsy and uneven while casting reels

Reeling It In

In a nutshell, if you want to enjoy a seamless fishing experience, the Barkley Trilene Big Game Fishing Line is a match like no other. In fact, this line is a consistent winner in the line of the most tried and tested fishing gears now. It’s the right suit everywhere from shallow water bait casting to saltwater marathons. The line works fairly well on spinning reels, especially where strength is the priority. Even if you are a first-timer, fret not. This line will keep you on top of confidence and challenges like a pro. No matter how wild is the situation or what enormous size your catch is, Just hook into the bait and take a big Lunker home. Happy big game fishing.