Is Braided Fishing Line Stronger Than Mono

One thing I’ve been asked a lot over the years is whether or not braided line is stronger than mono.

It’s a pretty frequently asked question and in some ways it’s a bit of a beginners question. That being said, there’s no shame in being a beginner. It’s a very valid question.

I can’t stand the guys who feel like a question is stupid and make beginners feel embarrassed for asking. At one point or another we’re all beginners.

So without talking on about this too much and risking sounding like a douche I’ll get to the question.

Is Braided Fishing Line Stronger Than Mono?

Different lines are suited for different situations, here on the site I’ve created a braided fishing line guide and a monofilament guide.

I highly recommend reading either of those to find out the best line for the best time.

With that being said, there are times when both lines are acceptable choices. You may want to find the strongest line for that situation.

So which of the two is strongest?

Again this can depend, because there are different brands and different product ranges from those brands. Some of the biggest brands offer several different mono or braid lines.

Some lines are just stronger than others and that’s all there is to it.

So you could get a really awful braided line that’s weaker than a mono line. Equally you could get a decent braided line that’s weaker than its monofilament equivalent because the monofilament line has a much larger diameter.

braided is stronger than mono on a diameter basis

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Check out the above image, this shows you the basics of what you need to know.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line is that Braided Line is stronger than Mono Line in general by far.

I hope this article helped answer your question, I’ll be doing more FAQ style blog posts in future.

– Dave