Berkley Nanofil Vs Fireline Braid: Pros and Cons

Two great lines by Berkley are the Nanofil and Fireline. Choosing which one is right for you depends on what you’re looking to get out of the line.

In this article I’m going to compare the pros and cons of Berkley Nanofil vs Berkley Fireline.

What Is Nanofil Fishing Line?

Nanofil is a fishing line created by Berkley. It is a type of “superline” which means that it is neither a true Monofilament line, braided line or fluoro line.

It comes in a number of different diameters, and is generally considered to be an exceptionally strong line for what are such small diameters.

This line is ideal for light tackle fishing.

What Is Fireline Braid Fishing Line?

The Berkley Fireline Braid Fishing Line is another type of “superline” based on the braided fishing lines.

Even the best braided fishing lines are based on a traditional four-carrier braid. The Berkley Fireline is based on an eight-carrier fiber braid. This makes the line much stronger than a typical braided line.

The line is much smoother than your typical braided line with many reviews talking about how great the line is for tying knots, spooling and many saying it rarely digs on the spool… This may be because it’s not a very abrasive line.

The line has been around since 1996 so this is no new line by any means, and Berkley claim it was the very first superline. It has a real pedigree attached to it, so when comparing the Fireline to the Nanofil, the Nano has a lot to live up to.

This line is ideal for all kinds of fishing as I said in my review here.

Which Is Best?

– Fireline Is Stronger
– Nanofil Is One Of The Longest Casting Lines EVER
– Fireline Is Not Very Abrasive
– Nanofil Is Known For Poor Abrasion Resistance

These to me are the four main points… So which line is best depends on what you are looking for and what kind of fishing you’re doing.

Are these good lines? Yes they are top lines, but are they the best out there? I don’t think so, (unless you’re talking about casting length then the Nanofil wins hands down). That doesn’t mean they are great lines though, these are fantastic lines depending on what situation you want to use them for.

They are definitely worth testing for anyone that is curious.

– Dave