Best Line For Baitcaster Reels

If you want the best fishing line for baitcaster reels you don’t need to look any further. In this article, I’m going to show you the exact types of line that are going to be perfect for baitcasting.

How To Choose The Best

Since the main advantage of baitcasters are the accuracy, allowing you to cast a lure precisely where you want it, there are different lines that are going to be suited to that. Some lines suit different conditions, and as you might expect people with varying levels of experience.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that you can’t just buy a baitcaster and head on out there and put your lure in the perfect spot without some serious practice. So if you’re a beginner, that’s going to make a difference with the type of line you want.

Types Of Line For Baitcaster Reels:

Monofilament – I’ve wrote about my love of monofilament fishing lines before, but I just need to be honest and say that these are best for beginners. Very little backlash from these makes them easy to learn on.

Fluorocarbon – Not the most ideal line for baitcasting unless you’re fishing in clearer waters in good conditions. Notorious for the backlash when used in baitcasting. I avoid it unless conditions demand.

Braided – Another line with some serious backlash, however the abrasion resistance and durability of braided line makes this the perfect line for those with plenty of baitcasting experience.

Best Monofilament Line For Baitcasters


When I reviewed this line I said about how good it is in numerous situations and for various different applications. This still holds true and it’s my go-to mono line for baitcasting as well.

SpiderWire EZ Mono
  • Multi-purpose Mono
  • Easy casting
  • Controlled stretch
  • Spool it up. Take it EZ.

Best Fluorocarbon Line For Baitcasters


This line from Seaguar is constructed from Double Structure Fluorocarbon, a process that makes it a very durable, strong and yet supple baitcasting line. It’s extremely resistant to abrasions; it can last for quite a long time and ties solid knots that hold up well. Sizes for this particular line range from 4-pound test strength to 24 pounds, and it comes in one transparent color.

Seaguar TATSU 200-Yards Fluorocarbon Fishing Line (10-Pound)
  • 100 Fluorocarbon Main Line
  • DSF - Double Structure Fluorocarbon
  • Best Tensile Strength
  • Best Knot Strength
  • Great Abrasion Resistance

Best Braided Line For Baitcasters


More of a fusion line, but with many of the advantages of braided my pick for this category is actually the Berkley Fireline Fused Original. I review this line here and I’ve got to say I think it’s ideal for baitcasting due to the ‘fusion power’ it provides.

Between 3 and 4x stronger than a typical mono line it also offers the benefits of braided line in regard to having very little elasticity. This lack of stretch is ideal, but because it’s partially a mono line it’s also going to minimize backlash which some pure braided lines are notorious for when doing some baitcasting.

Berkley Bfl3006-42 Fireline Fused Original Fishing Bait, Smoke, 300 yd
  • The strongest, most abrasion-resistant super line in its class
  • The smooth handling super line - optimized for spinning reels
  • Superb sensitivity - instant feel for Structure and strikes
  • Thin diameter - incredible Lure action and low visibility
  • Whisper quiet for "stealth attacks"

Reeling It In

My conclusion for this one is pretty simple. In most conditions you’re going to get great use out of a braided line, unless of course you’re a beginner in which case you’re better off sticking with a mono line. Fluoro is great in certain conditions, but most of us will be fine with either a mono or braided line.

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